Your Astrological Garden

“We must make our garden grow."

-  Voltaire

Spring became official on March 20 when the Sun entered the sign of Aries, but it wouldn’t be surprising if thoughts have been turning to spring and its promise and pleasures long before the Equinox.  One of the season’s great graces is the return of the botanical world from its winter slumbers, which led me to start thinking about how astrology and gardening can join together to make a recognizable, positive contribution to our lives.
Each of the signs of the zodiac is associated with certain plants, flowers and colors. Including these in your environment stimulates the energies of your Sun sign in the most positive way, helping you feel comfortable and at home in your world. 
You don’t have to get out a shovel and start digging (unless you’re an earthy sign like Taurus, or Virgo, that is - they often love to “play in the dirt.” )  Planting a container garden on a sunny ledge, or picking just the right flowers for a kitchen table bouquet, or even hanging a carefully-selected botanical print on the wall can have the same effect. 
If you know the sign of your Moon (emotions) or Venus (aesthetics and our response to beauty), so much the better.  The energetic landscape and palette expand and connect you only deeper to your “center.”   But everyone knows their Sun sign, and that is an awesome start. The Sun represents the basic nature of our personality, and Mother Nature can certainly work wonders with that.

Happy Spring!






Any shade of red

Honeysuckle. Zinnias. Thistle. Hawthorn trees.  Firs.  Japanese red maples.


Pastel colors.Deep green.

Foxglove. Violets. Daisy. Columbine.
Apple, ash, and cypress trees.


Most colors, but especially yellow.

Lily of the valley.  Lavender. Orchids.
Nut trees.  Ferns.


“Moon”colors: silver blue, pearl, white.

Roses. Lilies. Lotus. Night-blooming flowers (moonflowers, evening primrose). Hosta.  Maple and other “sappy trees.


Rich golden sun colors.  .

Sunflowers. Black-eyed Susans.  Marigolds. Zinnias.  Citrus, palm or olive trees.


Dark blue, green, & brown.  Indigo. Violet.

Forget-me-nots.  Buttercups.  Violets.
Morning glory. Nut trees (oak, walnut, hazelnut).


Pink.  Pale green. Soft shades of blue.

Roses. Daisies. Hydrangea. Lilies. Apple,  ash, and poplar trees.


Purple. Maroon.  Burgundy.

Honeysuckle. Chrysanthemum. Exotic lilies.  “Bushy trees”.  Rhododendrons.


Ultramarine, dark blue


Vines. Carnations.  Azaleas.  Giant sunflowers.  Wildflowers. Birch, oak and ash trees. 


Orange. Dark green and brown.

Pansies. Ivy. Carnation. Yew bush. Willow, pine and elm trees.


Electric blue. Turquoise. 

Wildflowers. Orchids.  Fruit trees.


Watercolors: aquamarine, sea green, turquoise.  Violet.

Water lilies.  Plants that grow near water. Lupines.  Willow trees.




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