Uranus in Aries

Uranus is often called “The Great Awakener.”  It’s a planetary wizard who charges our energy field with the excitement of the unexpected and the thrill of opportunity and change. Uranus asks us to claim our inalienable right to be our authentic selves, and to celebrate that individuality and freedom.  It urges us with its bright, spontaneous, electric energy to free ourselves from unwarranted restrictions (self-imposed or otherwise), discard the old and outworn, and (re)invent ourselves.


On May 27, 2010 Uranus entered the energetic, assertive, entrepreneurial sign of Aries, the sign of new beginnings.  It will stay there until May of 2018.  Fueled by Arian boldness, initiative, courage, and optimism, Uranus can create a veritable fireworks factory of potential for spontaneous, dramatic, liberating change and initiative.    


But, as you may already suspect, without attention and discipline, this fiery planet can whip up fail-safe recipe for unwarranted urgency, rash action, cockeyed optimism, risk run amok, and worrisome lack of restraint, and can act out in our individual energy fieldsl, especially wherever the sign of Aries colors the landscape of our astrological birth charts.  (See the “Pluto in Capricorn: The Stage is set for Transformation” article for an explanation of the astrological houses and what they represent.)


To take maximum advantage of the positive potential of Uranus in Aries combination, without going over to the rashness and lack of control of its darker side, the Universe advises caution and consciousness.  In other words, take a calculated risk in the direction of a freer, more authentic, more actualized, happier you – but make sure the matches and barbeque fire starters are safely under lock and key. 


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