Heads Above Water:

Saturn Segues into Sagittarius

Whenever any of the slow-moving outer planets changes signs it’s big astrological news because its evolving energies influence us not only personally, but societally and globally as well.  For the past several years, we’ve all been swimming in deep, dark waters because three of those outer planets - Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune - have been passing through all of the water signs.  Neptune started the trend in 2011 by entering Pisces, a particularly strong combination because spiritual, visionary, “go with the flow” Pisces is the sign associated with that planet.  Then, in October 2012, on the eve of Hurricane Sandy, Saturn moved into powerful Scorpio, a sign whose energies can heal the deepest wounds of body, mind and spirit, bring order out of chaos, and help us transform into our highest evolutionary potential, but rarely offers smooth passage through the process.  Finally, in July of 2013, Jupiter entered sensitive, nurturing, subjective Cancer, activating and expanding the qualities of the third water sign.  We can all look back over these recent years to see how all this watery energy has affected us not only personally, but also nationally, environmentally, and globally.

We started swimming up from the deep this past July when Jupiter moved into fiery, confident, optimistic Leo.  In December, we take another giant step towards the surface when Saturn enters Sagittarius, another fire sign that shares Leo’s action-oriented optimism, and confidence, and adds dimensions of non-judgmental tolerance, a strong sense of justice and a desire to spread the word about what it believes and knows.  This is an especially significant passage for Saturn, because one of its key roles is to be our astrological teacher, and Sagittarius is the sign of the “higher mind,” the intelligence that takes information and fashions it into patterns of meaning in disciplines such as philosophy, law, higher education and religion.  Saturn demands discipline, hard work, and the achievement of tangible results, so we can use these energies to learn more about our world and our own place in it (Sagittarius) and  work to establish and secure firmer foundations (Saturn)  in the areas of equality and justice (Sagittarius), both close to home and farther afield. 

Which brings me to another Sagittarian theme: travel.  With Saturn in this sign, we are urged to  travel far and wide (literally or metaphorically, through reading or workshops, for example) to learn about how other cultures and societies operate, and use that insight to create new opportunities for mutual understanding and growth.  

With both Jupiter and Saturn now in fire signs, we can expect the “vibe” of the times to become more energetic and action-oriented.  It’s time to open the next page of the astrological teacher’s curriculum and get going.

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