I’m not a huge student of numerology, but I’ve dabbled in it a little, and am always struck by how each branch of the occult practices can provide yet another helpful perspective to the evolutionary curriculum for creating the best of all possible lifetimes for ourselves.  So I thought that you might enjoy a numerological glimpse into your personal year.


According to numerology, the numbers 1 through 9 have distinct symbolic meanings that describe nine particular stages in the evolutionary life cycle (beginnings, change, expanding, completing, etc.)  Right now, in this year, each of us is at one of these steps in the cycle.  Figuring out your Personal Year Number is pretty simple:  






The Nine-Year Cycle.  Wishing you a Personal Year that’s your Personal Best!


#1 Beginnings.  An active year.  You take the lead, plant seeds for new initiatives and reinvent yourself.  Let go of anything old and obsolete to make way for the what’s coming in.  Focus on yourself. You’re laying the foundations for this new nine-year cycle. 


#2 Progress and Growth. New initiatives started in the #1 year grow, but the pace slows.  Cooperation, relationship and patience make for advancement, so don’t try to force any issues.  Others may have good ideas.  


#3 Creativity and Self-Expression.  Use imagination, inspiration and creativity to come up with new ideas.  Enjoy yourself.  Speak your truth.  Travel.  This can be a year of big advances in all kinds of ways. 


#4.  Practicality and Productivity.   Work carefully, practically, and efficiently to put ideas and plans from year #3 into solid form.  Finances can improve.   Perseverance pays off.  You’re building security and strong foundations.  


#5.  Change. New Freedom.  Get ready for surprises, change, and the unexpected.  Shed anything that has outlived its usefulness, from possessions and practices, to residences and relationships.  Make space to stretch your wings.  Follow your curiosity.  Take some risks.


#6.  Responsibility.  Effort.  Service.   Helping others, nurturing those you care about, and attending to family responsibilities are likely themes.  You’re wanting to settle down, and it’s important to balance personal and work life, and your needs with those of others. 


#7.  Turning Inward.  Spirituality.  R & R.  A year for introspection and exploring the deeper meanings of life.  You are growing spiritually, and acquiring self-understanding and wisdom.   Spend time alone.  Meditate and contemplate.   Listen to your inner voice.  Eat well.  Get enough rest.  Restore balance to your body, mind and spirit. 


#8.  Achievement.  Success.  Recognition.   A busy year of “taking care of business.”   You take charge, act with authority, and empower yourself to make things happen.  Use good judgment, pay and collect debts, be money-conscious.  In addition to the results of your own efforts, money could come from unexpected sources. This is a year of achievement.  


#9.  Completion.  Release.  Endings.  Envision the future. The seeds planted in Year #1 bear fruit for harvest.  Still, the energy is also about letting go and cleansing in the year between the end of one cycle and the beginning of another.  Get rid of anything unwanted or outworn so that the new cycle can begin.  Let things conclude in their own time, and wait until next year, another #1 year, to start anything new.  Dream and try to envision what you want the next nine years to cycle to bring into your life.


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