North Node: Virgos Coming In

The Nodes of the Moon are the astrological symbols that describe our life’s purpose from the spiritual perspective and the qualities that we bring into this lifetime to help us get the job done.   They change sign approximately every 18 months, and babies born during each nodal period share the same general “assignment,” but each will work toward accomplishing it in his or her own completely individual way. 


A new nodal generation will be arriving on our planet next week.  Babies born between November 11, 2015 and May 9, 2017 will have their North Node, the symbol that describes their life purpose, in the service-oriented, holistic, earthy sign of Virgo.  This hard-working, analytical sign always wants to do things “just right,” and seeks to use the best of its considerable skills in the service of helping others.  Virgo is a sign associated with healing, and as these newly-incarnated spirits move into their adult years, they can bring their fine qualities and skills to their mission of healing the world and its people and its environment.  


The South Node of the Moon describes qualities that we carry forward into this lifetime from past life experience.  North Node Virgo people have their South Node in the visionary, spiritually-aware, highly-intuitive and compassionate sign of Pisces. What’s more, their natal charts will all have Neptune, the planet associated with the sign of Pisces, in that sign, amping up all those fine Piscean qualities. This Piscean legacy can help them create the vision of what a healed and whole planet looks like, and then use Virgo’s detail-oriented, practical, hard-working skills to create and execute the plan that manifests that vision. 

Welcome to our world, dear ones…you’ve come in just in time.  But for now, we’ll just cuddle you and smile.


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