Make Love Not War: Jupiter in Libra

As a new chapter opens in our nation’s history, the zodiacal source of good fortune, benevolence, and optimism is currently passing through the peace-loving, relationship-savvy, creative, romantic and sociable sign of Libra.  This is a very comfortable combination of planet and sign: Jupiter is fiery, energetic and expansive, non-judgmental and honorable.  Law and justice are among the areas of life experience that it rules.  Libra, symbolized by the scales of justice, is airy and fair-minded, seeing balance and equality, and is well-versed in the arts and skills of diplomacy, negotiation, and compromise.

The outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) operate on both the personal and societal/global levels, so this passage opens the door of opportunity to work on relationships of all kinds.  Personally, floundering relationships can gain new life and hope, building on Jupiter’s eternal confidence that things can always get better and Libra’s expertise on how to make that happen.  At the societal and global levels, new peace-making initiatives can have real hope of bearing fruit.  A world weary of anger and accusation and discrimination and intolerance and, yes, war can look toward brighter solutions with the thought of success being not just a pipe dream.

Energy is neutral It’s how it is used that determines whether it manifests positively or negatively.  The dark side of Jupiter is always excess:  too much of a good thing that can lead to disregard of necessary details and red flags, or cockeyed optimism that expects things to work out no matter how much or how little effort we put into the cause.  Libra is self-indulgent and not inclined to do any heavy lifting. Both love the good life.  If we’re not careful, we could fritter away this stunning opportunity in a flurry of charming sociability and idle pleasures.       

Talk about a Universe with a great sense of timing!  Let’s all make the most of it.   

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