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Let's Talk About Love: Venus

The title of this article is a lyric from my own wedding song, Foreigner’s iconic “I Want to Go Where Love Is.” To go where love is astrologically is to set your sights on Venus.

Venus rules two signs of the zodiac.  Her Taurus side is all about earthy, sensual love and affection, about who and what is attractive to us, and the ways in which we are attractive to others.  She also represents what’s important to us: what we value and what it takes to feel safe and secure, especially materially.  When she is coming from her Libra persona, the Goddess of Love gets more refined:  she’s concerned about sociability, politeness and being “nice,” and with how to negotiate the give-and-take of relationships of all kinds, especially partnership ones. Through both signs she expresses romance, creativity and aesthetic sensitivity, and a penchant for pleasure, the “good life” and self-indulgence. Understanding Venus helps us know what we are attracted to and value in relationship, and how we will demonstrate our presence in that connection.  With one general one exception: in most instances Venus leaves the sexual dimension of relationship to her planetary cohorts, Mars and Pluto.

Venus is definitely more than just a pretty face, though.  Her circuit through all the signs of the zodiac takes about eight years and during that passage she, like all the planets except the Sun and the Moon, will go retrograde from time to time.  If you connect the dots that mark each time the Goddess of Love goes retrograde and then when she changes direction to move forward during those eight years, the pattern you create will be that of a five-pointed star (sometimes called the Lotus Pattern.)  You’ll find that same design over and over again in nature: at the center of an apple or pomegranate when you slice it sideways – or on the shell of a sand dollar – or in the pattern of an unfurling fern, making Venus a planetary reminder and symbol of the amazing elegance, meaningfulness and reliability of this world we live in.  “As above, so below.”

Understanding how and where Venus is placed in your own unique birth chart will deeply personalize her for you and help you embrace your inner Venus in the best possible way.  Then you can go where who and what you love are.   

Blessings on your way,

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