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How Does Astrology Work?

“As Above, So Below”

“We (scientists) strive toward knowledge, always more knowledge,
 but must understand that we are, and will remain, surrounded by mystery.”

- Marcelo Gleiser

Professor of Physics and Astronomy,
 Dartmouth College


This is an article about exploring a question, not providing a theory or proof.  With more than thirty years as a professional astrologer under my belt, I start with full disclosure:  I’m a true believer in an intelligent, benevolent Universe that uses astrological symbolism to communicate with and guide us down here on Planet Earth.  I’ve simply seen those energies at work too often and too consistently to question or deny them.  Still, the topic of how astrology works never loses its intrigue for me.  I recently read the minutes of a forum of well-known astrologers speaking to this very subject,* and wanted to share some of their observations.

Although it would be hard to establish a scientific chain of reasoning linking the placement and nature of the planetary energies of our solar system to physical proof of their impact on this planet and its inhabitants, the observational documentation of the phenomenon is, well, phenomenal.  Since cave man times, people have been recording the correspondence between planetary movement and human and tribal behavior and experience.  This continues until as recently as yesterday when I was bringing my client notes up to date after an especially busy week of consultations. So one way to look at why astrology “works” is to think of it not as a causal process, but as a powerful, accurate symbol system that describes this planetary/experiential correlation.  From this perspective, the planets don’t make or urge us to do or not do something.  They simply describe potentials, challenges and options at any given time, and our use of free will to choose how we will act creates the story of our lives.

Still, there are some scientific perspectives to consider.  Quantum physics has advanced the concept of the holographic nature of the Universe:  that the smallest component of it contains all the elements and characteristics of the larger whole.  This is where “As above, so below” comes in.  (And for the record, the Buddha was on to this idea c. 600 BC.)  In astrological terms, each of us “down here” contains the microscopic imprint of the energies of the entire solar system as they existed at the exact moment of our birth, and we reflect their continuing movement as well.    

Then there’s the idea that interactions exist between the Earth’s magnetic field and the magnetic fields of the other planets, and that the human body, also being an electromagnetic system, is impacted by those larger fields around it, including our own Earth’s gravity.  The interesting “icing on the cake” with this explanation is the fact that amniotic fluid is a good electromagnetic insulator.  This supports the idea that the individual does not become imprinted with the planetary energies until the exact moment of birth.  


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