Astrology 101-

The Astro-Elephant in the Living Room

The Composite Chart

Tina was perplexed.  With a birth chart full of watery, sensitive energy, she had been instantly attracted to Marty, who exuded a strong, solid earth-spirit vibe.  His calm, affectionate, loyal ways fit her inward-turned personality to a "T."  She felt safe.  Cared for.  Secure.  So did he.  They could see themselves sitting together on the living room couch, his arm around her shoulders, reviewing the day just ending and planning for their future, and they saw themselves that way for a lifetime.  But a funny thing happened on the way to that couch.  The longer they were together, the busier they got. In fact, they were both getting concerned that the relationship could burn each of them out.

Astrology can reveal a lot about the dynamics of a relationship: what each person brings to and wants from it, and how each person in it affects the other one.  And perhaps its greatest contribution in this department is its ability to uncover the dynamics of the entity that is the relationship itself, by creating and analyzing a birth chart that combines the energies of the people involved in it.  That chart, called the “composite chart,” shows the nature and impact of the “third person” in ANY relationship: partner/partner, parent/child, employer/employee, etc.  By unmasking this energetic “elephant in the living room,” the composite chart not only provides objective insight into its influence, but guidance as to how to navigate the relationship.

The composite chart is something new, distinct from either of the individuals creating it.  Sometimes it is energetically similar to one or both of them, but usually it's not and seems to function with a mind of its own.  The triangle it creates is eternal in the relationship for as long as it lasts, and its influence grows only stronger over time.  Understanding the nature of this chart  and how the planetary movements are affecting it at any time can help the participants integrate its positive potentials into their relationship, side-step pitfalls, and repair damages.

Getting back to Tina and Marty, it may come as no surprise that the fire that was burning in their relationship lived in the composite chart.  When combined, their watery and earthy energies turned into a bonfire.  Working with it, and the other tools in the astrological arsenal  that uncovered each individual's own energetic input and how they affected one another, showed how they could leverage all energies involved so that the composite's fiery energies could help Tina and Marty achieve their goals.  Meanwhile, their individual watery and earthy energies could make sure that the eternal flame burning brightly in their relationship didn't ignite a wildfire.

Ten years in, they head to the couch after the zip line.

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